Gondoi beach, Taketomi island, Okinawa, Japan in Asia

Taketomi is the closest island to Ishigaki, and as such makes for a convenient and pleasent half day (or couple of hours) excursion. Ferries run to Taketomi from the Ritou Sanbashi (Remote Island Ferry Terminal) every half hour. Round trip boat fare is approx. 900 yen. Taketomi island is part of Iriomote National Park, and has been listed as a site for cultural preservation. The authorites only allow the construction of traditional Okinawan homes, and most of the roads in the village are paved with crushed shells. The place feels somewhat false, and touristified (like colonial Williamsburg) but it is still quite pleasant. Gondoi beach, to the north of the island, is sandy good to get a beach experience in. Taketomi is a good place to bring a book, lie under a tree and relax. Ref: http://www.city.ishigaki.okinawa.jp/en/engnews/Fish/tips.html#Taketomi