The panorama head that I use to make my panoramas is actually made of 2 flash strobe accessories. This combined with my graduated rotating tripod head, makes a great panorama head. I also use it with a monopod. Combined with a monopod it becomes an excellent kit for ultra-compact panorama gear. I usually carry it anytime I go hiking, even if I'm not sure to shoot. (the head + the monopod account for less than 1Kg and can fit in a small back bag with my DSLR) This can be a nice very portable backup for those who have a big professional panohead. For beginners (like me), it is also a good way to start doing good panoramas without the cost of a professional panohead. I haven't had the chance to try a real dedicated panorama head yet so I can't comment on how much precision my panohead lacks compared to real ones. But what I can tell is that it offers a rather good flexibility (allows adjustments in any directions and rotation) and good stability for less than US$30.