Panorama Plugin for Dotclear:

Sample images to put in your /image folder:
full: 2003_12_Pont_des_Pruniers_Pano2.jpg
thumbnail: 2003_12_Pont_des_Pruniers_Pano2_small.jpg
If the panorama image you want to publish is called my_image.jpg, the plugin will use a thumbnail image IF there is an image of the format my_image_small.jpg in the same folder as my_image.jpg.

The install doesn't require any code modifications... Just install and enjoy!!!
The result can be seen here:

This plugin requires a Java Runtime Engine installed on your PC (this should already be the case for most people).
If you don't have Java, you can download it from
This Plugin includes a copy of PTViewer developed by Helmut Dersch and modified by Fulvio Senore