Multiple Jades on the terrasse in Zamami islandThe famous crossing with the Wako Landmark building

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It is always fun when making panoramas to see the effects that come from the fact that the panorama image is actually the result of several pictures stitched together. The most common effect is to have the same person appear at different places in the panorama. I had experienced this before actually "by mistake". I actually didn't realizing until I processed the panoramas and discover that a perfect stranger was 3,4 or even more times on my panorama.
It is particularly obvious on this one where a guy with a very bright pink Tshirt appears 4 times on my panorama because he was crossing the street as I was moving my camera and shooting... I also did the same "trick by mistake" on one of my first panorama almost 10 years ago.
This time, I was on vacation in Okinawa with my sisters family and I thought that my 6 years old niece called Jade would be a perfect model to start experimenting with this little trick... on purpose. I told her to move as I was rotating my camera and took the 6 shots I needed and as a result, she appears 6 times on the same processed panorama. There is one on the pictures where she has the knee cut due to the stitching... I guess I shouldn't have taken a photo of her that close to the camera... Although it is perfectly possible to manually stich with better accuracy, it is very time consuming and I have decided to publish first even if there are little defects like this... Hopefully, I will have more time in the future to make my panoramas perfect!